So some of you may know, Kyle of beautifullyrecover-ed has decided to close that blog. She wants to close that chapter of her life and move on with a new one, free of her eating disorder and her past. I really respect and admire Kyle’s decision to do what’s best for her and I hope you feel the same way. She will be active on her new blog, love-peace-andyoga.

Thus, as she is leaving the recovery/inspirational community, I wanted to do something to show our appreciation for her. So this is how it will work: I’ll start, and then you guys can reblog and add on what you appreciate about Kyle and what she has done for you. (*hint: y’all should do it) I’ll start:

Kyle, you have inspired me so, so much. I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a world of difference it makes for me to have a friend who is solid in her recovery, who can say “I recovered.” I admire you so much. I think you’re an amazing woman who is strong and capable of great things, and I know you are ready for the next chapter of your life, whatever that may entail. Wishing you the best, love <3

Ok go you guys!

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    kyle, you’ve been an inspiration to me and many. you will always be missed in the inspirational community. but i’m proud...
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    Kyle, I think you are one of the first inspirational blogs I ever followed, and I followed you a very long time ago when...
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    i love you so much kyle. you were the first person i told about my rape. you are always there for me, and i’ll always be...
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    Oh my goodness. I cannot believe that she’s closing down her blog… It was one of my most favorite blogs in the world,...
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    You were always straight up with me (us) Never tried to tell us the things that might have made us feel better but...
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    Thank you for helping me and being there, even when I didn’t want to be helped, because in the end that’s what’s best.
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    Kyle, you were always supported me when I needed it. You tough love approach made me realize how stupid my disordered...
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    Kyle, I have so so much respect for you. I know we’ve never really spoken before, but I’ve always adored your blog and...
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    Kyle, I’m not even sure when exactly we met, but it has definitely been quite a while…back when you were...
  21. journeytoherwings said: Kyle, you have inspired me and so many other people. I am so proud of how far you have come and I truly wish you nothing but the best. You are never alone. Stay strong. I luv you! <3 -Melissa
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    Kyle, I just met you recently, but I can already tell that you are so strong, and so amazing! This is proof in your...
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    Kyle, I’ve never gotten to know you personally or as well as I would have liked (completely my own fault) but you are...
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    Kyle, you were one of the first people I ever followed when I started my recovery blog and I’d like to thank you for...
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    Kyle, you’ve been a huge inspiration to me and I loved getting to know you on Tumblr and then through your network. I’m...
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